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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise is currently rebuilding it's online store. Christian Music Entertainment Group is planning to sell mp3's much like other Internet based music stores. Unlike other music download sites, our focus is on Independent Christian artists.

Currently there is NO music for sale on this site. All music that was available on the old site is gone. The mp3's were lost by the previous owner. The only songs that can be downloaded on this site have been provided, by a few musicians, to us (the new owners) to make available to you.

The initial plan is to let artists offer up to 10% (1 of every 10 songs) of their music listed with us for free the remaining songs will be sold with a percentage of each song sold being paid to the artist. As we move forward we will be contacting as many artists as possible that used to list their music on to explain our new situation and draw up licensing contracts to sell their music.

Future plans including selling CD's on plastic and Band Gear (T-shirts, posters and what ever else you have to sell). Over all this should prove to be a good value to both the artists and Christian Music fans.

If you are a musician please contact about listing your music.

Some of the musicians have allowed their music to be posted for free during the rebuilding phase. Feel free to download and listen to their music offerings.

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