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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
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Aeon's Promise
Frequently Asked Questions
I used to have an account on the old website. How do I login in to my old account?

Currently there is no way to login to your account. The old website no longer exists and we are reprogramming this website. Band logins are one of the areas that are not completed at this time.

How do I submit music to

Thank you for contacting us about listing your music. Due to today's legal climate with RIAA this is what we need you to do.

To submit music you must send an email that states that you are the legal copyright holder or an authorized representative of the copyright holder and that you are granting Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC the express permission to allow your selected songs to be downloaded FOR FREE from our websites. This permission will last until you notify Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC in writing (via email) to remove your songs or until Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC decides to remove your songs. We will remove all free downloads when we 'Open' the store for normal business. At that point Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC will contact you to arrange an agreement to sell and/or distribute your music. Please submit your music in MP3 format. Feel free to submit fair use song clips or complete songs at your discretion. If you include album art work or band photos we will try to add those to the site as well.

Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC reserves the right to edit the id tag information of the mp3 files to indicate that the mp3 file(s) were downloaded from our websites and to ensure that the mp3 file is properly identified and has the proper copyright notices. Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC reserves the right to resize any and all artwork to fit our site template(s).

Next you need to send us the music you want us to post on our sites. Most artists send us music in mp3 format inside of zip files. To send mp3 files just email them to my email address. Some have sent cd's that we have used to make mp3's. To send cd's use the following address. We will not sell or redistribute your cd's.

Christian Music Entertainment Group, LLC
re: Music Submission
729 Dodd Road
St. Paul, MN 55107

Thank you for your interest in our efforts to help get independent Christian Artists heard.

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