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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise


Everything Will Be All Right
Jeff Huckins

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Genre: Pop Rock
Format: Mp3

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Everything Will Be All Right Copyright(c) 2003 Jeff Huckins Billy said that it's all right I won't go too far Time is running out You know I wanna be a star Mama, don't you cry When you pray for me tonight I gotta take this chance You know everything will be all right Chorus: Everything will be all right You know, everything will be all right Billy hopped a freight train Headed east to New Orleans Livin in the fast lane Stopped off in Abilene, and he Ran into an old friend Out on a Saturday night, he said I'll take you on a free ride, Billy And everything will be all right Billy took a free ride in the Back of an old Ford You could hear him cryin out Bring me back, oh Lord He heard the words his mama said She said, "Jesus is by your side When you're on your knees, Billy You know everything will be all right"
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