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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise


He Loves Them
Jeff Huckins

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Genre: Pop Rock
Format: Mp3

A song about how Jesus loves each and everyone of us no matter where we are or what we are.

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He Loves Them Copyright 2000 Jeff Huckins See the young man He’s walkin the streets Thinkin of the last thing he had to eat And there’s a young girl Standing on the corner Watch her as she turns to wipe a tear Chorus: Oh, He loves them Jesus loves them so And I know he loves you More than you’ll ever know See the old man Stands in the doorway Thinkin how the years have gone by See as he turns to her Then remembers she’s not there Lord, if he only knew You See the broken hearted Stares through the window Lookin for the love that’s passed them by And see the young ones running They may never know You Lord, how can you stand to let them go?
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