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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise


I Hear You Calling
Jeff Huckins

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Genre: Pop Rock
Format: Mp3

A song about how Jesus hears us calling in times of desperation

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I Hear You Calling Copyright 2003 Jeff Huckins There’s a chill in the air tonight As the sirens ring in the night And in the dark a father cries For all he left behind Hear the rain on the streets tonight As a young boy prays for life For one last chance - and one last time To share what’s on his mind CHORUS: I can still hear you calling my name in the night I can still hear you cryin as you wonder why I can still hear you calling my name in the night I can still see the hurt in your eyes when you said goodbye A cold wind blows - through the trees tonight As a mother softly sighs She longs for arms - to hold her tight For comfort through the night In the shadows - Love stands by To catch the tears that fall from your eyes Though storms may rage - and seas may rise Love stays by your side
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