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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise


Long Way Home
Jeff Huckins

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Genre: Pop Rock
Format: Mp3

A song about how far it seems we've strayed from home by the time we look back...

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Long Way Home Copyright 2000 Jeff Huckins Back in the summer Of the year I found you A perfect place and time For a cold heart to break in two Sometimes in our lives Come seasons of change A time for the touch of God To lift us on our feet again Chorus: It seems such a long way home Back to the place I once knew Safe within Your arms For years I felt I knew The secrets of this world I'd tell you what I believed So empty without you Jesus, you took this broken fool And set him on a rock You restored a hope that was lost Many years ago A grandmother on her knees Prayers I never knew I know her heart was breakin But never gave up on You For years she prayed for rain In fallow ground But she never lived to see The great joy And the hope I've found in You!
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