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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise


Divine Love
Aeon's Promise

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Genre: Metal
Format: Mp3

The first preview of a tune I wrote this weekend, still needs another guitar track and a little voice touch up but I think you will enjoy it. It is a blend of Prog, acid jazz, and pop? very curious?

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Emerge oh celestial primordial swamp, As your gelatinous souls do reflect the infinites eye, he has heard your call for a reason to be, soul burning scream, What do I need Lord? Blood dripping from His Son's cross he answers, Divine Love...Divine Love verse 1) Some like the left, some like the right, some like to wander the moon at night Some like to seek, some like to hide Some don't know there's another inside. Some like the sea, some like the shore, some like the shame, and some are insane, some are sick, some are healed, some are fed, but all receive the blessing who ask. If you fake it, Divine Love And if you make it, Divine Love And when you fall, Divine Love Some like the dark, some like the light, some think their soul can fly through time Some may be alien, some may be old But everyone here needs one thing for sure. Some got the jazz, some are rockin and rolling too. Depends on the moments attitude but if you are tired of this world seek love seek Love Seek love Love Some like the animals, some like the stars some like the hope that His love caused, some like to scream, some like to pray, but others in silent glory greet the day But everyone needs love, Oh divine love. (©2003Jlayne)
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