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six days from sunday
Reed Archer Nelson
Jeff Huckins
Aeon's Promise


11 - Touch of Faith (Luke 8:42-48)
Reed Archer Nelson

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Genre: Adult Contemporary
Format: Mp3

(Luke 8:42-48)

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Touch of Faith (Luke 8:42-48) Jesus was walking down the road As crowds pressed in on all sides There was a woman trying to touch His clothes For she knew if she could touch them She knew the her bleeding would subside She saw Him from the backside, about ten feet ahead. She squeezed through the others, as she bled. She fixed her eyes on Jesus and reached for His clothes And as she touched them, her wounds were closed. Jesus felt the power go out from Him He turned and asked the crowd, "Who touched Me?" The disciples starred in wonder at what He said For everyone had touched Him in the normal way But the woman had touched Him with a touch of faith! The healed woman fell at His feet Trembling with fear she told Him the truth Jesus turned and said to her, Daughter, of great faith Go in peace. You've been healed. Go in peace. You've been healed. Reed A Nelson Copyright 2003 RAN2Him Music
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